Joystick 8-bit

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The Downlow

The 8-BIT handle bar is made from an extremely strong but light-weight Aluminium Alloy. Available in two rises (20mm or 38mm) it measures 800mm (31.5 inches) and is made to help you control your ride.

Available in black and gun metal grey, every single 8-BIT bar has been designed and developed for performance and with both a 31.8mm or 35mm diameter you can achieve a race ready-weight with an optimized flex for improved feel.

To find out more about 8-Bit Alloy go to our Technology Page.


Clamp Size:31.8 mm35mm
Bar Width: 800mm 800mm
Rise: 20mm or 38mm 20mm or 38mm
Weight: 308g 300g
Material: 8-Bit Lite Alloy 8-Bit Lite Alloy